Flight Reviews

Regardless of the grade of certificate that you hold, and how long since you have flown, we will develop a personalized program that meets your needs and budget. The following is an example of our ‘Flight Review’ syllabus for a pilot who is not ‘current’, per FAR 61.56, and who has not flown in several years.

Flight Review ground

        • Together, we will meet and review the tasks listed in the Practical Test Standards, cover to cover, on the ground, of course. This typically takes 1-2 hours
        • Depending on where you are, we will select a few tasks/maneuvers to practice during the flight.
        • If you meet the ‘standard’, then we move on.
        • If you do not meet the ‘standard’, then we will spend additional time reviewing the maneuver(s) in question, to get you back up to ‘the standard’. If necessary, we will design additional training customized to your specific need(s).
        • Additional training might take 5 – 10 hours of flight time, or longer. A general ‘rule of thumb’ is to plan for 1 hour of flight training and review for each year that you have been away from flying.

Flight Review flight

        • If it has been a long time since you have flown, we also offer simulator training where I will work with you to review and relearn procedures and checklists (normal, abnormal and emergency) until you are proficient. This is far more affordable than doing it in the airplane.
        • We will get you signed up online for the FAA’s Wings Program, at faasafety.gov This website will track your progress and automatically sends email reminders to help you stay current. The Wings Program is based on pilot proficiency, not flight time. If you actively participate in the Wings Program, the requirement for a Flight Review is waived.

At John Mahany Aviation we are passionate about continuing training. That is why every student receives an ongoing training plan or syllabus designed to keep you current, and proficient. The rest is up to you!