Flight Reviews

Update, April 2020

I am not conducting anymore flight reviews. Instead flight reviews (FAR 61.56) have been replaced by ongoing participation in the FAA’s Wings Pilot Proficiency Program (PPP). So, again, no more flight reviews.

Regardless of the grade of pilot certificate that you hold, and how long it’s been since you’ve flown, we will develop a personalized program that meets your needs and budget. In case you are not familiar with the courses that are offered, go to www.faasafety.gov for more on this. Also, I am in the process of developing a short online course for this.

And, a very important update; due to the ongoing COVID-19 Situation, which has affected ALL of us, we will not meet in person, but rather via an online virtual meeting, using available technology. We will review the tasks listed in the Airman’s Certification Standards, which has replaced the Practical Test Standards.

Also, also as a result of the COVID-19 Situation, we will not be doing any flying, yet. The FAA is in the process of writing a new rule addressing pilot currency for pilots operating under FAR 61. As a result, your currency will likely be extended for an additional 90 days. Also, check with your aircraft insurance broker to see if your insurance coverage expiration date will also be extended. AOPA is working on this with the FAA to address this for the 1000’s of general aviation pilots in the US.