Evaluate the weather forecast … can you go safely?

Spend half a day, morning or afternoon, reviewing weather basics with John, using your iPad or Android. We will review the following charts:

          • Surface Analysis Chart (SA)
          • Low/Hi Altitude Prognostic Charts
          • 850mb, 750mb and 500mb constant pressure charts

During our session we will also discuss the following as we develop your go/no-go decision making process:

          • High and low pressure systems, ridges and troughs
          • Frontal systems; cold, warm, occluded, stationary and secondary fronts
          • How to quickly read and interpret METAR’s and TAF’s
          • PIREP’s

John has extensive experience with all of this, and more. Spend some time reviewing the basics and come away more confident, while becoming a better, more weather savvy pilot in the process.