IFR Refresher

How long hasIFR Currency FAR_AIM 2016 it been? A few months or more than 1 year? FAR 61.57 (c), ‘Instrument experience’, spells out what is required. Do you just need a few approaches to get current, or more? How rusty is your scan? Are you flying with ‘steam gauges’ or glass? There are many questions to ask to determine where you are, and what you will need to get current again. Let us design a custom IPC (instrument proficiency check) for you. We will use the Instrument Rating Practical Test Standards as a guide. It lists the requirements for an IPC.

For this, we will start on the ground, with a review of IFR procedures, charts and approach plates. Do you have a current FAR/AIM? You will need one. Do you have current IFR charts and plates? Or have you switched over to an iPad or tablet? We can discuss this.

Depending how long it has been, we can do this in your airplane, or we might start out in a flight simulator, or FTD, and then move onto the airplane to finish up. This will save you time and money. If we do this in your airplane, is it GPS equipped, and is the GPS WAAS enabled? Do you have a current database?

Depending also on how long it has been, this might easily take several hours to complete. Are you enrolled in the FAA’s Wings Program? If not, we will sign you up for this. With this done the FAA’s website will track your currency and will send you reminders, to keep you on track.

At John Mahany Aviation, we are passionate about ongoing, regular training. Professional do it, and there is no reason why you should not, also. We will work with you to create an ongoing training plan or syllabus designed to keep you current, and proficient. The rest is up to you!