It started with

a dream of flying

It led to thousands of hours at the controls

I now help others experience

the thrills of piloting

IFR, GPS & Advanced Training,

Also available as a Contract Pilot, Aircraft Delivery/Ferry Pilot




Let me ask you; What are your goals with your flying? What kinds of flying do you want to do? Are you satisfied with your piloting skills, or what do you want to improve? What are your concerns? Maybe you are just rusty.

Are you comfortable and proficient with crosswind landings, or narrow runways, for example? Or, are you transitioning to another aircraft, either stepping up to more complex and faster (TAA?), and need a checkout including high performance and complex endorsements, or are you stepping down to something simpler and slower (J-3 Cub)?

I can help you reach your aviation goals. Put my 40+ years of experience to work for you!

Are you training in your own airplane? Are you ‘stuck’ or having trouble finishing up the training for a certificate (PVT/Comm’l etc.) or rating (IFR) for whatever reason(s)? I can help.

Consider my instructor qualifications:

  • 40 Years’ experience as a CFI-AIMEG teaching in over 120 makes and models of aircraft, including Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA)
  • FAA Gold Seal Instructor (80% of my students have passed their FAA checkrides on their first attempt);
  • 16 years at a FAR 142 School teaching the Cessna 300/400 series, King Air 90/100/200/B200 series, and Citation CE-500 series.
  • 6 Time Master CFI

IF training in YOUR aircraft; have me listed as an ‘additional insured’ on your aircraft insurance policy.

I have experience with these avionics; Bendix/King, Collins, Garmin and others, including Garmin 400/500 series, 750/650, G1000, Autopilots, Flight Directors.

Also, how well do you know and understand aviation weather? Many pilots study weather to pass the knowledge test but don’t really understand weather. Nevertheless, weather related accidents continue to occur. So, do you know when it’s safe to go? Do you need someone with significant weather experience to discuss the weather for your flight? I can do that. Get in touch with me.

Improve your understanding of the weather and basic weather analysis. This includes the weather information you get from your device(s), i.e., iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, etc. Or what about the avionics in your panel?

Learn what weather information your avionics can give you, and how to best use it as a weather avoidance tool.

Become a better, more weather savvy pilot in the process.


Training with your EFB

Training with Your Electronic Flight Bag and Devices, iPad or iPhone.” Sorry, no experience with Android devices.

Do you use either ForeFlight or WingX flight planning software?

Problems? I can help.

Let us design an ‘FAA Wings Pilot Proficiency Program just for you.’

What Others Say

John is a professional in every respect and brings the best of service and representation of his employer. Credentialed, enthusiastic and of high standards.

John GriffinDirector of Operations at Sunbird Aviation

John is an OUTSTANDING instructor in all respects. Knows his stuff cold
and is able to impart that knowledge to his students both in the
classroom and sim. This is the third time I’ve worked with him when at
the facility and he consistently is excellent.

Robert KayGlobal Hawk Test Pilot/King Air B200 Pilot/Consultant

John Mahany has 35 years of experience flying professionally in Alaska and across the US.  Anyone, that truly wants to understand weather, should spend time with him.  As a fellow Master Instructor, I often refer in-depth weather questions to him.

Gary ReevesChief Safety Officer, ATP, Master CFI, CFII, MEI, FAA Safety Team
 Excellent Webinar.  The material you presented was worthwhile, interesting and informative.
William RohlandWebinar adendee